Boys Classes

All boys dance classes are designed to build strength, flexibility and endurance and to get boys moving.  Classes develop coordination, balance and agility, skills necessary in all sports and physical education and focus on the joy of moving and the exploration of creative ideas through movement.  The classes include age-appropriate technique or exercises for the whole body and introduce ways to move through space like galloping, skipping, sliding, running, leaping, jumping and hopping.  All classes have live accompaniment by experienced and engaging musicians. Students perform at Kingsbury Hall in a year-end performance.


August 19-December 6


January 6-April 25

Boys Classes

All Boys Dance Class 5-7 yrs (VTAB1-19/20)

Thursdays 5:00-6:00 pm

Full Year: $534.00

Payment plans are available. Please call our office at (801) 581-7374 to set up an installment and register for the class.