Tanner Dance Updates on COVID19


Updated November 2, 2020

Dancing Through COVID

Updated August 4th 2020

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Updated July 1st 2020 

Tanner Dance Fall 2020 Health + Safety Plan

After extensive review of the University of Utah Guidelines, and the Utah Leads Together 2.0 plan, Tanner Dance has implemented health and operational procedures that will mitigate risk and ensure the safety of all our faculty, staff and students as we begin classes in late August. Please find below requirements for all Tanner Dance Program students, parents, faculty and staff.

Entrances to and from Tanner Dance:  All students with the exception of students in the Fine Arts Preschool and the French Immersion Preschool will enter the building from the west entrance and exit through the east entrance. This traffic flow will allow Tanner to reduce the number of students on the stairs and in the hallways. Students in the Fine Arts Preschool will enter and exit the building from the west entrance and students in the French Immersion Preschool will enter and exit through the east door. 

Hand Sanitizing and Screening Requirements: Everyone entering the Beverley Taylor Sorenson Arts and Education Complex on the Tanner side will sanitize hands and have a temperature reading. Hand sanitizing stations will be located on the east and west sides of the building and anyone entering the building will sanitize hands. Personnel will scan each person as they enter for a temperature reading. Anyone with an elevated temperature will not be allowed inside the building.

Healthy Dancers: Dancers should only attend class if they are healthy. Any signs of cough, flu, fever, nausea, loss of sense of taste or smell, body aches, etc. are indicators that students should remain at home

Face Covering: Students, parents, faculty and staff will be required to wear clean face coverings at all times in the building.  Students will be asked to arrive with their own clean face covers.

Limit to class sizes to comply with no more than 25 students: No class will exceed 25 students except for Children’s Dance Theatre classes. Once the dancers are in the large studios, there is ample room for social distancing of ten feet. Students will remain six feet apart on the stairs and in the hallways.  

Enhanced Studio and Building Cleaning Procedures: All studios will be frequently disinfected including door handles, railings, bathrooms, and barres with full floor cleanings daily. Throughout the day, the class schedule will include time between classes for the studios to be disinfected. Tanner Dance will use disinfectants/sanitizers effective against COVID-19 (approved list at EPA.gov). We will use disposable cleaning supplies, with reusable supplies laundered daily.

Mandatory Student Sanitary Measures:  In addition to sanitizing at the building entrance, Tanner Dance will supply hand sanitation at each studio entry and ask students to use hand sanitation prior to entering and departing the studio. Each time students attend class, they need to have clean leotards or dance clothes.

Curriculum Modification:  Faculty may modify instruction to limit and/or eliminate touching, going to the floor, and eliminate the practice of instructors providing corrections with physical touching.

Equipment Modification: Faculty will eliminate the use of common props, tools, yoga mats, and equipment in all studios in order to avoid possible cross-exposure. If in the event equipment must be used, it will be approved by Tanner Dance faculty and staff, and sterilized thoroughly before and after use.

Online Parent Observations: Under normal circumstances and consistent with Tanner Dance programs, parents have an opportunity to observe their students in the studio. However, all parent observations for the fall 2020 will be conducted online.

Online Orientation: Students and families will be provided these additional guidelines and procedures prior to the start of the program through an online orientation process. The orientation will review the enhanced guidelines and protocols, while reviewing the curriculum requirements of the programs.

Facility Movement: All class times will be staggered so that there will be time and space for social distancing on the stairs and in the hallways. Monitors at the doors will regulate movement on the stairs and in the hallways. Dancers will not change studios during their class times.

Students will be expected to arrive at the Tanner Dance Building with face masks and the proper dance wear and will not be permitted to use changing/dressing rooms. Use of restrooms will be monitored by Tanner Dance staff in order to maintain social-distancing.

All students will be required to maintain social distancing of six feet using the floor markings provided by Tanner Dance throughout its facilities (i.e., entrances, studios, hallways, and bathrooms). When moving, dancers will allow ten feet for social distancing.

All personal items must be kept to a minimum and remain six feet from other’s belongings as outlined by floor markings. Tanner Dance asks that dancers store shoes, coats and water bottles in a dance bag.

Tanner has developed a hybrid plan that will stream a class online via zoom in the event that a student requires special accommodations.

Tanner has a third plan to return to on-line learning that will replicate spring and summer teaching should health and safety concerns require distance learning.

Tanner Dance will maintain its normal 16 week fall semester. Tanner Dance will not take a fall break and will finish regular classes on December 5, 2020.

All of the above information is subject to change should the public health situation change.  

Updated May 6th 2020

A message from Mary Ann Lee, Director of Tanner Dance

Updated April 6th 2020

A message from Mary Ann Lee, Director of Tanner Dance

Message sent March, 24th 2020

With the continued closure of Utah’s K-12 schools, Tanner Dance will also be closed until May 1. We are working to continue providing our services the best way we can during these trying times. With this in mind, please look for links and emails from us about our virtual classes, and updates regarding rescheduled performances.

We are also working on some options for live digital classes, so please stay tuned.

Stay healthy and safe.


Tanner Dance Staff


Message sent March 13th, 2020

As a precaution, and for the care of all our dancers, families, faculty, and staff, we will be closing all Tanner Dance programming for two weeks beginning on Monday, March 16 through Sunday, March 29. This closure includes all classes and rehearsals for CDT, Studio, Contemporary Companies, Fine Arts Preschool, French Immersion Program, Arts-in-Education, and Adults with Disabilities.

  • We will no longer hold CDT company rehearsal on Monday, March 16.
  • For those dancers involved in the Carnival of the Animals performances, those have been cancelled.
  • We know this is disappointing for our CDT families, but for everyone’s health and safety, Salt Lake County has closed all arts and cultural centers through the end of March, and this includes Capitol Theatre. We are planning to postpone the CDT concert. We are working with the theatre to schedule alternative dates in the fall. We still want to honor our graduating seniors, and will schedule a future date for their reception at the studio.
  • At this time, we are still planning on holding our May performances: Elevate, Studio Show, and Tipping Point Showcase.
  • We are planning to move forward with Sandy and Arts Festival performances in June, and will be sending a revised rehearsal schedule out shortly.

At this moment our office staff is telecommuting to avoid unnecessary risks. We won’t we able to answer the main phone line, but will continue to constantly monitor our email server throughout this time. For any questions at all you may have, please email tannerdance@utah.edu

This situation is changing daily, and we will continue to communicate promptly with any changes that may affect the Tanner Dance community. Stay healthy and safe.


Tanner Dance Staff