Tanner Dance Updates on COVID19


Updated June 30, 2021

Tanner Dance Summer + Fall 2021 Health + Safety Plan


Below are the COVID protocols for all Tanner Dance Program students, parents, faculty and staff.

Masks: Although the University of Utah is not mandating masks, not everyone in our community is vaccine eligible, including youth and people with certain health conditions.  Wearing face coverings continues to offer health benefits.  The staff and faculty will continue to be masked for the summer and fall sessions, and we ask that our dancers and parents do the same.

Drop Off + Pick Up:  All students, with the exception of students in the Fine Arts Preschool and the French Immersion Program, will enter the building from the west entrance and exit through the east entrance. Please continue to drop your dancer off in the west circle (accessed via 1725 east), and pick them up in the east driveway (accessed via 1800 east).

Students in the Fine Arts Preschool will enter and exit the building from the west entrance and students in the French Immersion Preschool will enter and exit through the east door.

As we begin the fall session, and until we have more information about vaccines for our young population, we would like to continue to minimize large casual gatherings in the lobby. Please plan to drop your dancer off, rather than walking inside. If you have a very young dancer, you may accompany your child inside and to the teacher, but please arrange to wait elsewhere until the end of your child’s class.

Hand Sanitizing: Everyone who enters the Tanner Dance building will be asked to sanitize hands. We shall remind dancers to sanitize hands as they exit after class. Hand sanitizing stations will be located on the east and west sides of the building and outside each of the studios.

Healthy Dancers: Dancers should only attend class if they are healthy. Please keep your dancer home if he or she, or anyone in your household, are feeling sick. Teachers will verbally check for COVID symptoms at the beginning of each class.

Cleaning Procedures: We shall frequently disinfect all studios including door handles, railings, bathrooms, and barres. Floors will be sanitized each night.

All of the above information is subject to change should the public health situation change.