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The Tanner Dance Program at the University of Utah offers positive and engaging classes and programs for adults with disabilities.  Each unique program provides an opportunity for participants to learn and grow through art based education, in a loving, welcoming environment.

Tanner Dance is a Department of Services for People with Disabilities provider.

Need-based scholarships and monthly payment options are available.

All students participating in disabilities programs must complete this form before beginning participation:

Tanner 2024-2025 ANNUAL SESSION:

August 19, 2024 -April 26, 2025

(Winter break: December 8. 2024-January 5, 2025)

Elevate Theater Company

Elevate Theater Company

The Elevate Theater Company is our musical theater company for performers with disabilities. Students who participate in this program will engage in classes full of singing, dancing, and acting which in turn will help them to develop social skills, cognitive skills and mobility/physical skills. Students will explore a variety of different emotions and characters framed in various scenarios as they prepare for their annual show in May. For ages 15+.

LEADD Program

LEADD Program

The LEADD Program (Learning and Engaging through Arts Discipline and Development) is Tanner Dance’s arts and education program for adults with disabilities.  The LEADD Program teaches valuable life skills through dance, music, theater, and visual art, and incorporates lifelong learning through reading, creative writing, and science classes.  The LEADD Program is designed to give adults with disabilities a place to learn and grow as individuals as well as express themselves as artists through multiple artistic mediums and genres.  The LEADD Program participants will have the opportunity to perform and display their work in a year-end showcase.

The LEADD Program currently offers three classes each week during the fall and spring sessions.  Registration is per class.  All three classes will participate in the year-end showcase.

For ages 18+. 

LEADD Spring Showcase: April 12, 2024