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Since our inception in 1949, Tanner Dance has brought the joy and positive influence of the arts into the lives of more than one million young people! As we approach our 75th anniversary, we remain committed to ensuring the integrity of our programming and maintaining the excellence of our leadership and our artistic faculty for future generations of young artists. In advance of this milestone, we seek your help in building a strong infrastructure that will support us for years to come. Please join us!

Ways to support us:

  • The easiest way to support us is online! You can contribute directly to the area of your choice through any of the links below.
  • Making a legacy gift through planned giving is a wonderful way to show your support while accommodating your own personal, financial, estate planning and philanthropic goals. Visit the university’s Legacy Giving website, or contact our Development Team for more information.
  • You can contact us directly for any other form support – via check or phone – or just to chat. We are at 1721 Campus Center Drive, Salt Lake City, UT 84112 and our phone is 801-581-7374. Please make checks payable to Tanner Dance.

We are grateful for your support and commitment to continuing Virginia Tanner’s legacy.

75th Legacy Campaign

The Tanner Legacy Campaign is a way for us to build a lasting legacy by creating a strong future for our programs. As we look towards a bright and long future ahead of us, we hope you will join us with your support. In the world of non-profits who provide educational, artistic and social-service programming, Tanner Dance is small but significant.

A gift of any amount helps us secure our future and build our legacy. Donations also enable to better serve dancers today.

Outreach & Arts Education

Tanner Dance has been offering high-quality and nationally-recognized arts in education programs since the 1960s. These programs are offered to classrooms and teachers at free or heavily discounted prices with support from people like you, and generous grants from the USBE, ZAP, and other arts organizations.

Our programs include: The Side-by-Side (SBS) Dance Residency Program, which offers weekly dance classes for K-6 students in Utah elementary schools. The Professional Development Program, which offers a variety of training and mentoring opportunities, as well as resources, to help educators develop new ways to stimulate learning in the arts and make connections between the various art forms and other curriculum areas.

Adults with Disabilities

Tanner Dance offers a space for adults with differing abilities to learn and grow as individuals, as well as express themselves as artists through multiple artistic mediums and genres. We have two separate programs, the Elevate Theater Company – our musical theatre company – and the LEADD Program (Learning and Engaging through Arts Discipline and Development) – our arts and education program. Each has an annual performance at the end of the year.

Children’s Dance Theatre

Originally created by Virginia Tanner in 1949, Children’s Dance Theatre (CDT) is Tanner Dance’s flagship performance company. They present a new show each year with original choreography, music, costumes, and stage design. CDT shares the gift of dance and creative expression throughout the state in the form of free School Matinees and Lecture Demonstrations in several schools in different locations throughout the valley.

Scholarship Fund

By donating to the Scholarship Fund, you are ensuring that every child has the opportunity to enjoy the gift of dance!

Area of Greatest Need

Like any small arts organization, Tanner Dance is often at the behest of external forces that may affect our ability to operate in the future. A gift of any size helps us ensure we can continue to provide children with an appreciation of dance, arts and literature.

Other Programs

At Tanner Dance, we are committed to having a positive impact on as many children as possible – from all communities and backgrounds. Your investment supports the continuation of our other unique programs. Click links below to donate.