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The Tanner Dance Ballet Program creates dancers with strong technical training while maintaining a love of dance.  The program is age and skill appropriate and dancers advance according to their skill level and teacher recommendation.  The foundations of the most complex ballet steps are taught in the beginning classes and dancers progress sequentially from the basics to the advanced repertoire.

Dress Requirements

All female students must wear their assigned class leotard, pink or peach tights (convertible tights are best), and pink ballet slippers (full sole is fine for Primary Ballet classes, otherwise please wear split sole). Please click links in each class for class leotard information.

Male students must wear a short-sleeved white V neck t-shirt, black tights, and black ballet slippers. Please click links in each class for class tights and ballet slippers information.

Tanner 2022-2023 Annual Session:

August 22, 2022 - April 29, 2023

(Winter break: December 4, 2022 -January 2, 2023)