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CDT e-NEWS: Tuesday, March 3, 2020

Dancer + Parent Check List:

1) Attend the Finale Rehearsal this Saturday, March 7.

2) Order your concert t-shirt, flowers, and photos.

3) Distribute your 3 concert posters, and turn in your poster form.

4) Keep track of your ticket sales for the contest.

5) Sign up for Concert volunteer jobs.

Finale Rehearsal Reminder

12:15 PM: Call Friday Cast

1:15 PM: Call Saturday Cast

1:30 PM: Big/Little Brother/Sister Introduction

2:00 PM: Pick up Friday Cast

3:00 PM: Pick up Saturday Cast

Please arrive at all rehearsals wearing rehearsal blacks. However, to assist with the Finale choreography, please bring a colored t-shirt to wear over your leotard during the Finale portion of rehearsals. Please refer to the list below for the colored t-shirt you should bring with you on March 7th. We do not expect anyone to purchase a t-shirt for this purpose.

The Telephone – Miss Tad’s 2nd Grade – White

Out of the Box – Miss Natalie’s 2nd Grade – Pink

The Mechanical Clock – Miss Melony’s 3rd Grade – Light Green

The Wheel – Miss Mimi’s 3rd Grade – Dark Green

Incandescent – Miss Ashley’s 6th Grade – Light Blue

The Oids – Miss Ann’s 5th Grade – Dark Blue

Writing – Miss Mary Ann’s 4th Grade – Brown

Da Vinci’s Sketches – Miss Tina’s 7th Grade – Black

Time Manipulation – Miss Diana’s 8th Grade – Yellow

The World Wide Web – Miss Natalie’s 9th Grade – Gray

The Butterfly Effect Miss Corinne’s High School 1 – Red

Marie Curie’s Radium – Miss Joni’s High School 2 – Purple

The Automobile Assembly Line – Miss Chara’s Dance Ensemble – Orange

**T-shirts with graphics must be worn inside out to hide graphics. T-shirts must be removed when dancers are not rehearsing the Finale..

Click for Finale Cast lists

Concert Boutique

Concert t-shirts are now available to order! Shirts are $15 each. They will have the Tanner Dance logo on the front left corner, and the Invention logo across the back. Please use the link below to select your size and style. Flower bouquets are also available for pre-order.

Order a Concert T-shirt

Order a Flower Bouquet

Concert Photos

This year class and individual photos will be purchased online through the Tanner Dance website. This means dancers will not need to bring a photo form and payment with them to the theater. Individual photos are $20, class photos are $10, or you can purchase both for $25.

Photos will be taken during the performances on Thursday, April 2. Following concert, you will receive access to a download from our new digital platform, Zenfolio.

Order Concert Photos

Reminder to Wear Rehearsal Blacks

We are collecting videos of each CDT class leading up to our spring concert. Please have your dancer wear rehearsal blacks with hair pulled back neatly on the following days:

Thursday, March 5 – Miss Ashley’s 6th grade

Tuesday, March 10 – Miss Melony’s 3rd grade

Thursday, March 12 – Miss Natalie’s 9th grade

Tuesday, March 17 – Miss Mimi’s 3rd grade

If your dancer’s class is not listed, they have already had video taken.

Thank you!

CDT Concert Tickets On Sale

Capitol Theatre concert tickets are now on sale for the general public. You can purchase tickets by clicking on the link below, or by calling ArtTix at 801-355-2787.

Ticket prices are $18.50, $22.50, and $27.50. Children under 12 receive 50% off (this option is only available by phone – please call Arttix at 801-355-2787). University faculty and staff receive 25% with a valid ID (up to 5 tickets).

This year we are reinstating our ticket sales contest! The top three dancers who sell the most tickets will receive a prize. We will also have a special award for the CDT class that sells the most tickets. A form has been sent home that dancers can use to track their ticket sales.

Buy CDT Concert Tickets


Poster Distribution

Each CDT dancer has been given three concert posters to distribute around the community to help advertise our performances. These can be displayed at local business and other public places such as libraries, rec centers, and schools. Please distribute your posters and return your form to the office by Tuesday, March 17.

*Please do not keep these posters for personal use; each dancer will receive their own keepsake poster at the end of the year.

Class Hairstyles

Below are the assigned hairstyles for each class. Hair should be done for dress rehearsal and all performances. Please contact your CDT teacher if you have questions.


Miss Tad’s 2nd grade: half-up/half-down

Miss Natalie’s 2nd grade: two French braids pinned up

Miss Melony’s 3rd grade: one or two french braids pulled back + tucked under low

Miss Mimi’s 3rd grade: ponytail

Miss Mary Ann’s 4th grade: two French braids pinned up

Miss Ann’s 5th grade: low bun

Miss Ashley’s 6th grade: low bun

Miss Tina’s 7th grade: French braids in a bun

Miss Diana’s 8th grade: two French or Dutch braids in a bun or pinned up

Miss Natalie’s 9th grade: two French braids up

Miss Corinne’s HS I: half up/half down

Miss Joni’s HS II: low, clean bun

Miss Chara”s Dance Ensemble: half back for senior piece, ponytail for Assembly Line

Dancers’ Council: low slick bun

Concert Volunteer Opportunities

The final volunteer jobs have been posted to Track it Forward. Thank you for helping us make this magic week happen!

Click Here to See Concert Volunteer Jobs

Background Checks

The University of Utah requires all staff, faculty, and volunteers who work with minors to complete a Youth Protection training and a background check every 3 years. If you are a new CDT parent, or if you completed this training prior to 2017, you must complete the training and background check by Friday, March 6. If you have already completed a background check this year, please disregard.

Click Here to Initiate a Background Check

Background Checks

At least one parent from each family is required to initiate a background check, which will last for three years. The background check costs $13. Those who complete the background check will receive 2 hours of volunteer time.

The University also accepts documentation of a background check from a public school through a local school district from the past three years in lieu of a background check through the University. You may send that documentation to

Start a Background Check

After you have paid for a background check, Tanner Dance will automatically submit the request for you. You will be receiving an email from requesting information to set up and process the background check. The process cannot be completed until you have responded to this request.

This link provides information about the process:

Youth Protection Training

At least one parent from each CDT family is required to complete the online 30 minutes training. A link will be emailed to you once you complete the background check process.

Costume Magic!

CDT graduating seniors in their 8th grade dance “Unwinding the Ribbons” from Gwinna

CDT Concert Packet

Finale Cast Lists

CDT graduating seniors in their 3rd grade dance “Tea Party” from Alice Through the Looking Glass

Contact us at: 801-581-7374 or