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Tanner 2023-2024 Annual Session:

August 21, 2023 - April 27, 2024

(Winter break: December 3, 2023 -January 2, 2024)

Music Ensemble

Auditions for the Fall semester Music Ensemble will be on August 14th starting at 3:00 p.m.

The In Accord Music Ensemble will meet once a week throughout the semester, and will perform live as accompaniment for the In Accord dance show in January. Students will have the opportunity to learn music in a variety of genres beyond the binary classical or jazz options available at most schools. In addition to learning repertoire, students will learn compositional techniques, and will help compose a piece for a dance, in collaboration with the choreographer. All instruments are welcome to audition (acoustic and electric), and once placed, ensemble members will assist in arranging and orchestrating performance pieces to fit the instrumentation of the ensemble. Some pieces may be arranged for the whole ensemble, while others may be arranged for solo, duo, trio, or any other combination of available instruments. Besides being a great performance opportunity, this class will also give students a chance to refine their skills as composers, arrangers, and orchestrators, deepen their knowledge of music theory, and practice working creatively with their peers.

Percussion and Drumming Classes

These drumming classes, taught by Wachira Waigwa-Stone, are designed for beginning to intermediate level, junior high and high school age drummers. Students will learn fundamental technique and basic rudiments (the syllables that are used to form the words and phrases of the drumming language), as well as explore rhythmic patterns, call and response, reading, and improvisation. Drills and exercises will be done each class with a practice pad and sticks, and then students will learn musical phrases, as well as create their own two or three-part layered rhythms using re-purposed and found objects such as buckets, pot, and pans.

Classes will take place in the spring. Students will be expected to practice an hour a day throughout the week, in preparation for the following week’s class. A packet of take-home exercises will be provided.

Trash Pandas Drum Group Video