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Music and Visual Arts

Music and Visual Arts

Below you can find a variety of classes that we offer including music, dance, and art for specific age groups. Please see below to see what is offered.

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August 24-December 12


January 4-April 24

dance, art, and music classes

Dance, Art, and Music

The Dance and Art class is a two hour class with equal time dedicated to both dance and visual art based on themes. Teachers may use a dance and a visual art concept such as shape, line, color, texture, or pattern as a springboard for exploration and creation then culminate with a visual art and dance composition.  Children will dance in the dance studio, have a short break and snack, then move to the visual art studio.

Please see music add-on class options and descriptions below.

*Tuition includes a $15 materials fee.

music classes


Lyrical Venturers   

Ages 4-6

Move to the rhythm of your heart. Share the ideas in your mind. Sing, create, move, communicate and play the music of our world. Who are you? What brings you joy? Which genres of music lift your spirit? We all have individual gifts to share. We find common ground in our humanity and celebrate our diversity. Soar into kindness, connection and love while learning lifelong music skills in your community.

Major Melodies 

Ages 3 and 1/2- 5

What can you do Punchinello funny clown? Participants will find out that the possibilities are endless when creating and using their imagination. Masked by an exhilarating time; independent singing, rhythmical skills, movement, and improvisation are just a few of the skills your child will learn. A fun, exciting and connective musical adventure awaits your child in Major Melodies.


These drumming classes, taught by Wachira Waigwa-Stone, are designed for beginning to intermediate level, junior high and high school age drummers. Students will learn fundamental technique and basic rudiments (the syllables that are used to form the words and phrases of the drumming language), as well as explore rhythmic patterns, call and response, reading, and improvisation. Drills and exercises will be done each class with a practice pad and sticks, and then students will learn musical phrases, as well as create their own two or three-part layered rhythms using re-purposed and found objects such as buckets, pot, and pans.

Students will be expected to practice an hour a day throughout the week, in preparation for the following week’s class. A packet of take-home exercises will be provided.

During the second half of the semester, the class will have the opportunity to work with the Trash Panda Drum Group, who will come teach some masterclasses, set a piece on the group for the end of semester performance, and help the students come up with ideas for their own group composition, also to be featured in the performance.


Art FUNdamentals

The Art FUNdamental classes will offer a fun exploration of the elements of visual art. Students will create individual art pieces each week using a variety of mediums and methods and exploring the work of great masters of art. Students will have the opportunity to create unique artistic expressions with watercolor, pastels, pencil line drawings, and multi-media art.