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CDT e-NEWS: Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Dancer + Parent Check List:

1) Please read through our safety reminders.

2) Have your dancer check the lost and found before Oct. 1.

3) Support Miss Tina at the College of Fine Arts Gala!

4) Check out the photos from last spring’s Studio Show!

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Heads up!

There is a football game this Saturday, Sept. 25, at 12:30 PM. Parking will not be available in the Central Garage. Please plan ahead for extra traffic, and plan to drop your dancer off and return to pick them up. If you are stopped by a parking attendant or police officer, let them know that you are headed to Tanner Dance.

We need to reserve our limited Tanner Dance parking spaces for those in the Parent Tot and Dancers with Disabilities classes. If you are in one of these classes and the Tanner lot is full, you may park long the edge of the west circle. Please pull all the way to the end of the circle.

Please remember that ADA stalls are only for patrons with the appropriate parking pass.

Thank you!


Message from Miss Joni

Dear Tanner Dance Parents and dancers,

Thank you for dancing with us. We appreciate you and value each and every one of our dancers and families. This is never more important than it is now as we navigate the changing situation of our community’s health. We are committed to keeping our doors open and our dancers dancing, and with that we ask that you consider masking as you enter our building.

It is always such a pleasure and honor to see each child grow, develop technically, and shine in their own way; whether you are enrolled in a Parent Tot class, an advanced studio class, a ballet or hip-hop class, or a visual art class, your participation in our studio brings depth and community to all of us.

We are looking forward to another dynamic dancing year and we want to keep you updated with all of the latest information. If you are not receiving our Tanner Studio eNEWS, please call our office to update your email and contact information.

We have an exciting and expansive offering of dance classes for the upcoming year. Please visit our website at for the latest information on class schedules. Tanner Dance offers creative dance classes at locations across the Wasatch Front including the University of Utah as well as satellite locations, Brigham City, Bountiful, South Jordan, Ogden and Heber. Continuing this fall are our specialized classes for Dancers with Disabilities, All Boys class, Arts for the Young classes, adult dance, ballet classes, and, a perpetual favorite, Hip Hop/Jazz. We will feature our studio classes, ages Kindergarten through Adult, in our annual Kingsbury Hall Spring Studio Show on Friday, May 13th and Saturday, May14th 2022.

Our faculty are dedicated to Miss Virginia’s founding philosophy that we are here to “develop excellent dancers and, more importantly develop young people who are useful imaginative, worthwhile human beings.” Prominent in our focus is having children engaged in the creative process, dancing expressively, and learning the craft and technique of dance. Our wholesome approach to dance education truly honors each child’s creative spirit and dancing heart. We here at the Tanner Dance Studio have a community of parents and dancers that are dedicated to the Tanner principles and observing life’s beauty through their own “magic eye”.

As faculty, we are invested in each dancer and are open to speaking with you whenever a concern or need develops. You may reach your teacher through the main office at 801-581-7374 or through me directly at 801-587-3654.

We hope you are pleased with your experience here in the Virginia Tanner Dance Program and we look forward to many years of growing and dancing together.


Miss Joni Urry Wilson

Tanner Dance Studio Director



Health + Safety Reminders

Tanner Dance faculty and staff are following CDC guidelines and continuing to wear masks inside the studio. We strongly encourage all of our dancers and parents to wear masks as well.

Parents: please remind your dancer to bring a mask with them to class. We only have a limited supply on hand in the office.

Please plan to drop your dancer off rather than waiting inside the building. We are still trying to minimize traffic in our lobby areas.

Remember to drop off in the west circle and pick up in the east driveway. Please remind your dancer to stay on the sidewalk until you pull up rather than running out into the road. 

If your dancer or anyone in your household, is feeling sick, please keep your dancer home. Please notify the Tanner Dance office right away if your dancer tests positive for COVID; our staff will need to know the last date your child was in class, and the date that they started experiencing any symptoms. Please email this information to

Thank you!

College of Fine Arts Gala

The College of Fine Arts will be celebrating some of its distinguished alumni, including our wonderful Miss Tina, at their annual Gala. Miss Tina is receiving the Arts Educator award.

This FREE event also includes performances and presentations by students from the University of Utah’s schools of dance, music, film, visual art, and theatre. All are welcome to attend – no ticket required. The Gala will be held at Kingsbury Hall on Wednesday, Sept. 22. Doors open at 6:30 PM, and the event begins at 7:00 PM. Click the button below for more information.

CFA Gala

Lost + Found

If you are missing a water bottle, dance bag, or item of clothing, please have your dancer check our lost and found bin in the hallway on the second floor. Any unclaimed items will be donated on October 1.

Kingsbury Hall Photos!

Check out the photos from Maybe – last spring’s Studio Show performances! Here is the link to the gallery:

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