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Why give to Tanner Dance?

The events of the past few years have made it clear that arts organizations are vulnerable, and that the arts play an important role in nourishing individuals and rebuilding communities. There has never been a more important time to provide an imaginative, inclusive, and nurturing space for children and adults. Most importantly, the Tanner Dance Program remains committed to Virginia Tanner’s original mission – a unique vision of giving students the opportunity to share their own voices through the arts. Many of the Tanner Dance faculty studied under and danced with Miss Virginia; others did not have the opportunity to know her but have been mentored in her teaching philosophy. More than 40 years after her death, Miss Virginia’s vision for children persists. Another generation dances onto the world stage, engaged in imaginative thought, and spurred to action through the methods she developed.

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For more information, please call Development Specialist, Erin Koelliker.

Phone Number: (801) 581-7374