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Frequently Asked Questions about Tanner Dance’s COVID-19 Policies

Tanner Dance COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions

At Tanner Dance we have implemented a strict health and operational procedures that will mitigate risks and ensure the safety of all our students, faculty and staff. You can find the full document here. While this document covers our procedures, we understand you might still have questions about how things may play out, should the situation change. Below you will find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions we have received regarding COVID-19 policies. Please know this is a living document and answers may change as we learn from experience.


Will you be offering any online classes for dancers who don’t feel safe attending class in person?

Yes. We will provide Zoom links for dancers who are unable to participate in person due to health concerns. Please do not come to class if you are feeling sick.

What if someone in my class or my teacher gets COVID?

If a dancer tests positive for COVID, they must stay home from dance for 2 weeks from the date that they received a positive test result. The dance class will be offered virtually to the dancer during this period. Tanner Dance communicates with the University of Utah Contact Tracing team, and they will let us know if addition action is needed.

What should I do if I or someone in my family tests positive for COVID?

Please let Tanner Dance know immediately. We will keep your identity anonymous if we need to notify your class of a potential exposure.

What is the maximum number of students you will have in a class?

The average Tanner Dance class size is 12 students. Per the university’s recommendations, classes will be held at a maximum of 25, except where we have been given permission to exceed that number in very few cases due to the large size of the studios.

Does everyone need to wear a face covering throughout the entire class?

Yes, per CDC guidelines everyone is required to wear a mask the whole time they are in the building. If your dancer is not able to wear a mask, they will need to participate virtually at this time. Masks are optional for students under the age of 3 (as per CDC guidelines), but parents participating in a Parent Tot class will be required to wear masks.

How will physical distancing be enforced in class?

Our studio floors will be marked with tape to ensure social distancing. Teachers will space dancers in lines as they travel across the floor.

What if I come to Tanner Dance in a carpool, but the temperature screenings at the entrance show that someone else in my carpool has a fever? Will I be allowed inside?

No. Any dancer with symptoms will be sent home including all dancers in their carpool. For this reason we encourage you to check your temperature at home before leaving for class.

Can I bring a water bottle into class?

Yes, but your name must be clearly written on the side of the bottle.

How often will you be sanitizing the dance classrooms?

Floors are mopped with a sanitizing cleanser following every class. Barres, door handles, and teaching supplies are also sanitized before and after every class.

Where can I wait for my child while he or she is in class?

No parents will be allowed in the building, except for emergency situations. All dancers will need to be dropped off in the west circle and picked up in the east circle.

I have two children whose classes start 15-30 minutes apart. Is there somewhere they can wait for each other?

At this time, dancers are not able to wait for siblings inside the building. For their safety, please be prompt in picking up your dancer.

My child will not enter the building without me. What should I do?

Teachers are available to meet students who need help adjusting to the building and the new procedures, and will accompany them to their class.

Based on HIPAA laws, how will Tanner Dance protect personal health information should our student or family member test positive for COVID-19?

Tanner Dance utilized the university’s confidential reporting system, and will keep the dancer and their family anonymous.

Will there be a space to isolate an ill student until parents can arrive to pick up their student?

All dancers will have their temperatures checked as they exit their car. We ask that parents please wait until their dancer has been checked before leaving. If any dancer has COVID symptoms that dancer, along with anyone in their carpool, will be sent home. If a dancer becomes ill during class, that student will be asked to wait in the lobby until a parent arrives.